Make :

Type of Plate : Concave Plate

Product : Bowl,Plate

Brand : Porland

Style : Romantic

Weight: 476.00 gr

Diameter: 19.90 cm

Height: 5.10 cm

Width: 19.90 cm

Length: 19.90 cm

Liquid Volume: 530.00 cc

Material: Porselen


The Hypnotic Effect of Freedom and Infinity: The Blue Passion Collection creates a fresh feeling thanks to the deep effect felt by tones of indigo blue and adds taste and privilege to your presentations as a symbol of freedom and infinity. The collection was designed in four different designs and inspires alternative style recommendations with the soothing and comforting effect of the color cobalt. Instructions for Use: Machine washable, oven- and microwave-safe.

Blue Passion Deep Plate 19cm

SKU: P018424