Type of Plate : Flat Plate

Style :

Color :

Brand : Porland

Product : Plate

Weight: 447.00 gr

Diameter: 20.10 cm

Height: 1.95 cm

Width: 20.10 cm

Length: 20.10 cm

Material: Porselen


The Exotic Breezes of Morocco Will Blow on Your Dinner Table with the Morocco Collection! Morocco has distinct characteristics with interesting traditions, vibrant colors, and traditional patterns over a wide geography and is a source of inspiration for decoration. Hand-woven silky fabrics, rugs and carpets, and colorful tulles are essential for Moroccan style, and this style that emerges with faience + mosaic walls and flooring will show itself not just in decoration but in many areas. The Morocco Collection comprises five main designs and main colors with the bright colors of Moroccan style and the motifs that reflect the mystic spirit of nature with Moroccan style, which gathers adoration with its warm and ornate style. The Collection is diversified with plain-colored and gilded products to suit the theme and was produced in the ideal forms for daily dinner presentations, breakfast, and tea and coffee presentations. The tablecloths belonging to the Morocco Collection, enriched with porcelain, plain-colored wicker underplates, wicker baskets in the main colors of the collection, and American placemats, was designed by setting out from classic tile patterns. The Collection contains plain dishes, tea and coffee cups, mugs, breakfast dishes, baton cake plates, and bowls of different sizes. The Morocco Collection, just like all Porland’s products and collections, can be purchased as a whole or by selecting individually desired products. Instructions for Use: Machine-wash not recommended. Hand-wash recommended. Oven-safe, not microwave-safe.

Morocco Purple Flat Plate 20cm

SKU: P019264