Style : Modern

Brand : Porland

Product : Shallow Frying Pan

Weight: 276.00 gr

Diameter: 14.60 cm

Height: 3.62 cm

Width: 14.60 cm

Length: 18.24 cm

Liquid Volume: 250.00 cc

Material: Porselen


The products are oven- and microwave-safe. The handles are recommended to be used because they will heat up. Metal spoons and mixers are recommended to be used with wooden mixers because metal leaves marks on porcelain. Machine washable. Can be used in the refrigerator. The homogenous distribution of heat and not making sudden changes in heat should be noted during the use of heat on the stove, and cooking should not be done without oil/water (dry) with the pan. If not used in accordance with these conditions, the product may crack. The product should be cleaned with a hard material. Should only be used on reduced or centered heat on flame stoves. It is not suitable for use on induction or electric stoves.

White Oven-ware 14cm

SKU: P011917